Automed Systems - Medical Reception System

Practice Health Check

By Peter Demaio

Is your Practice Healthy? Do you know how much your current reception solution is costing per month? Are you aware of all fees and charges including any hidden costs?

Are there gaps in your communication with patients or are you manually communicating which is taking staff away from their other activities? Are you playing a continual game of catchup?

AutoMed has developed a Practice Health Check to help you assess your practice efficiency to see if there are any gaps in your current use of technology, systems and/or use of manual tasks regarding better patient communication, patient retention, staff allocation, reducing revenue leakage, increasing data integrity, maximising audit compliance, patient education and data collection regarding inhouse marketing strategies.

Feel free to complete the Practice Health Check and see how you can have informed patients and happy efficient staff.

Technology Health Check

Do you currently use any of these SMS Features Yes / No
Confirm Appointments made online or via phone
Appt Reminders with Follow-Ups
DNA Messages
Results Notifications with Follow-Ups
Clinical / Recall Reminders with Follow-Ups
Campaigns – Health Alerts, Flu Clinics etc
Dr Absent Messaging
Are your SMS services optimised and in line with RACGP recommendations Yes / No
Support Unicode fonts for foreign Languages
Unrestricted characters length
From one dedicated number
Built in opt-out feature
Redirect reply calls to practice number
Marketing – How do you use technology for marketing services, new practitioners, opening hours etc Yes / No
Email Campaigns
SMS Campaigns
In-Practice Display Boards
Display Service Types & Specialised Appointments online
Incorporate in Appt Reminders
Do you know what brought the patient to your practice?
Using Technology to Improve Data Integrity & Reduce Duplicate Records Yes / No
Verify Identity according to your records when Booking online
Update Mobile Number via online appointments
Digital New Patient Registration
Kiosks that confirm demographics, Medicare validity, HCC, outstanding debts on check-in
Caller ID for phone appointments
Using Technology to Address Patient’s Needs Yes / No
Specialised / Allied Health appointments available online
Check-In Kiosk available in multiple languages
Estimated waiting time via kiosk
Next in line via display board
Confirming details digitally rather than over the counter
Advising when test results are within acceptable range
Using Technology to Increase your Practice Reach & Availability Yes / No
Online Repeat Scripts
Online Repeat Referrals
Using Technology to Retain Patients and Increase Return Visits Yes / No
Robust and consistent results management process
Robust and consistent clinical / recall reminder process
Informative, targeted campaigns
Targeted messages with hyperlinks to applicable information
Using Technology to Minimise Revenue Leakage Yes / No
Appt Reminders with No Reply Runs
DNA Messages
Online payments for Repeat Scripts, Referrals, High Value Consults & Telehealth
Replace letters with Results & Recall Reminder SMS’s
Total 0/40