AutoMed’s revolutionary Caller ID presents the patient data associated with an incoming phone number to your telephony system, allowing reception staff to quickly and accurately identify the calling patient along with a visual display of their demographic detail, patient notes, recalls due and last doctor seen.

The patient’s details can either be copied to the appointment book with a clipboard function, greatly reducing the likelihood of administrative errors, or an appointment can be made directly and effortlessly from a pop-up interface which displays first available slots per practitioner and appointment type.

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  • Identifies patients immediately with real time integration between your phone system and your practice management software.

  • Displays last doctor seen and demographic identifiers.

  • Displays appointment notes and/or recalls due.

  • Displays date of last face-to-face visit.
  • Appointment attendance confirmation and cancel feature.

  • Book directly via the booking interface which includes all AutoMed’s advanced booking features.

  • Automatically process pre-payments for high value or privately billed consults reducing no-shows and manual processing.

  • Automatically process post consult payments for Telehealth appointments.

  • Optional automatic Appointment Confirmation SMS specific to appointment type & single messaging feature.

  • Ad Hoc SMS Feature.
  • Check and manage SMS Consent.

  • Create New Patient.
  • See SMS History.
  • Integrated with AutoMed’s Vaccine Management system.

  • Non-Integrated Version available for Older Phone systems with Full-service functionality.

AutoMed looks at each phone system individually and our dedicated engineering team will work closely with you for a bespoke solution. In the event that your phone system is not compatible for integration due to outdated technology or excessive 3rd party licensing fees, we will offer you a non-integrated version.

  • Complex Resource Booking Features

  • Appointment attendance confirmation and cancel feature

  • Integrated with AutoMed’s Vaccine Management system

  • Option to include automatic pre and post payments

Optional Auto-Payments

  35c/processed transaction