AutoMed’s Digital Forms service provides the means for capturing, and automatically saving New Patient Registration Forms, individual Consent Forms and updating existing patient information via various digital channels.

New patients can complete and sign your New Patient Registration form digitally via an automatic SMS once their record has been created and their first appointment has been booked in your practice management software. Patients can also complete Consent Forms via Online and AMS Connect Mobile app bookings or via an SMS that is triggered by a Caller ID In-Clinic booking. Complete Services Solution Users can follow up completion via a reminder SMS.

AutoMed’s optional Concierge Service (via BYO Tablet Device) is the in-clinic solution which can be hosted on any android or apple device, and offers New Patient Registrations, Patient Arrival, Existing Patient Updates and Consent Form functions. Each Concierge function has a focus on improving data integrity, enabling patients and staff to update and verify patient data in a paperless environment with enhanced patient privacy.

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  • New Patient Registration via a dedicated URL sent by Secure SMS.

  • Consent Forms completed Online, Via AMS Connect mobile app or via a dedicated URL sent by Secure SMS triggered by Caller ID in-clinic booking.

  • Optional Concierge via BYO tablet device allows clinics to offer an in-house completion via BYO tablet Device.

  • New patient registration forms provide demographic, clinical, preventative health and marketing related questions, all configurable to match your current paper format.

  • Marketing related answers are saved to your AMS dashboard with export functions.

  • Copies of completed registration and consent forms save directly to the patient’s record, including their electronic signature.

  • Auto-population of captured info into corresponding fields in practice management software (*Only demographics auto-populate for BP).

  • Your terms and conditions including your communication, privacy, cancellation and billing policies can be included.

  • The Concierge Patient Arrival feature provides a visual summary to reception staff of the patients due to arrive in the next hour, providing access to data requiring updating as well as outstanding accounts.

  • Digital registration and consent forms remove mundane capturing and scanning tasks for front desk staff.

  • Concierge includes built-in security features with IP address locks and PIN code verification.

  • Complete Services Solution Users can follow up completion via a reminder SMS.

AutoMed’s New Patient Registration service comprises of 2 separate entry points: via URL by automatic SMS, and in-clinic tablet device trigger by the creation of the New Patient and subsequent first appointment booking.

AutoMed does not provide the service as a menu item via your website as the patient has to be identified and linked to a unique patient ID within your practice management software to generate a dedicated link allowing the information to save back correctly.

AutoMed’s in-clinic Concierge Service caters for multiple new patient registration forms (linked to separate locations in Best Practice or MD PracSoft) varying from demographic information only, to preventative health and clinical history.

AutoMed has a number of pre-loaded Consent Form templates.

Clinics may send Word Format ONLY forms to be digitised (images or pdf will not be accepted).

Significant changes to forms or bespoke creation of forms may incur a cost of $85/hr for conversion.

  • New patient registration via SMS and optional in-clinic tablet.

  • Unlimited Consent Forms

  • Copies of digital forms automatically saved to the patient’s record

Optional BYO Device for In-Clinic Concierge Service

AutoMed delivers and receives all SMS’ via a Tier 1 Enterprise Message Gateway