We first tested the outcomes of a completely integrated AutoMed System in Burwood Healthcare Centre

AutoMed systems have been rigorously and comprehensibly tested with over 400,000 patients. We first tested the outcomes of a completely integrated AutoMed System in a large inner city practice in Melbourne. They had employed 23 full time medical practitioners, seeing up to 680 patients per day, 4 reception staff and 1 administrator. The centre was under considerable strain due to the Federal Government’s Medicare rebate freeze as well as broader dissatisfaction amongst the staff who were sidelining important tasks for menial albeit time intensive administrative tasks. The filing, booking and communication system was suffering under a higher volume of patients and a lack of efficiency. High rates of human error in patient data proved to be a considerable cost to the business and left patients dissatisfied with the quality of care they were receiving.

We implemented the full arrival and data verification system to improve productivity and lower staff burnout. Instantly there were evident benefits. Staff reported reduced stress levels, job satisfaction improved, and time was freed to upskill and improve other areas of the practice. The congestion at reception disappeared and processing payments and bookings were able to be completed within seconds. The practice reported a dramatic reduction in patient data mistakes, decreased staff turnover with a concurrent increase of 25% in patient numbers and an increase to 28 FTI practitioners. Staff were able to provide patients with more considered personalised care without being delayed by bureaucracy.

About the clinic

Services offered

Ante / Post natal, Children’s Health, Men’s / Women’s Health, X-Ray and Pathology on site 365 days a year, Minor trauma, emergency and Industrial Health Care, Sports Medicine/ Trauma Care 365 days a year, Acupuncture and Holistic and Life Style Health Advice, Pre-employment, TAC and Social Security Health Checks, Free Health Education Sessions in Heart Care, Asthma Care, Diabetes Care and Arthritis Care, Preventive Health Checks, Mental Health Checks and Skin Cancer Checks, Onsite Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Dietitians, Travel Vaccination Clinic, Pre Travel and Post Travel Medicine, Cosmetic Teatment Centre

The impact at our trial clinic



Uptake by patients after 6 months



Decrease of salary cost per patient


Increase in patient numbers over 2 years


Decrease of bad debts


Increase in data integrity


Decrease in staff hours worked