Dear Valued Client,

This letter is in relation to the recent news articles;



Given the recent negative press with regards to patient data being sold to 3rd parties by online appointment provider Health Engine; AutoMed Systems would like to reassure all its clients that we do not and will not participate in, or condone, such practices.

AutoMed Systems does not collect or store patient data – patients do not register with AutoMed to make online appointments as we use an authorised real time interface to Best Practise and Medical Director/PracSoft to validate your patient data in real time, every time an appointment is made via any of our platforms.

AutoMed is one of the only solution providers which does not allow patients to register with the provider as a 3rd party and has been specifically designed to ensure that you, the clinic, remains in full control of the patient and the sole custodian of the patient’s data.

Please be aware that other solution providers that force patients to register with them partly own the patient’s data as the patient agrees to their terms and conditions before they can access the services.

Please be rest assured that AutoMed does NOT and will NEVER:

1.)    On sell patient data

2.)    Use your patient base for 3rd party marketing

3.)    Promote alternative/earlier appointment slots at a different clinic to your patients

4.)    Charge for new patients

5.)    Forward SMS data to low cost offshore companies for processing

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch on support@automedsystems.com.au if you have any concerns around data privacy and security or if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

Kind regards,

Louis Putter

AutoMed Systems | CTO