Dear Practice Managers, Owners and Stakeholders,

Below is an outline of our COVID19 solution which is considered, comprehensive and configurable to suit your needs.

Even though all these features have been part of AutoMed's suite of tools for a number of years we will illustrate how they can be used specifically during this time to:

- improve your patient's experience and keep them informed;

- minimise the impact on your front desk staff;

- reduce administrative functions and

- maintain your income streams

Let us take you on the patient journey:

1. Online Appointments

1.1 Banner

Add a banner to your online appointments that displays on each screen advising your patients of your processes, services and alternative contact numbers. The banners are completely configurable and easy to update via your dashboard to keep abreast of changes.

1.2 Pre-Screening Questions

Add a question to your regular online appointments that will pop-up as they are selected. The questions are completely configurable via your dashboard to keep abreast of changes to health alerts and internal processes.

Depending on the patient's answer they will either be prevented from booking and be instructed as to what to do, or be allowed to proceed with the booking process as normal.

1.3 Appointment Confirmation Pop-Up

Add additional notifications to your current online appointment confirmation pop-ups as a further reinforcement of your expectations, processes and services. The pop-up is completely configurable and easy to update via your dashboard to ensure the information is current .

1.4 Online Appointment Confirmation SMS / *Email

Following an online booking an immediate confirmation SMS is triggered via the system. *(Emails are sent for practices not using AutoMed's SMS Services) This message is configurable per appointment type allowing you to disseminate relevant information and instructions.

2. Complete, Integrated Telehealth (Video / Phone) Solution With or Without Billing

Not all your patients are going to qualify for the new Medicare bulk-billing items; some patients may be located far from your practice and some may simply prefer not to attend your practice at this time considering the current climate of uncertainty.

Provide your patients with the convenience to book Video consults either online, via the AMS Connect mobile app or AutoMed's Caller ID service and ensure your fees are collected.

The patient simply selects a Telehealth Video or Phone consult and is advised as to the associated cost if any and on selecting their time slot they will be required to enter their card details via a secure payment gateway. Payment will only be processed on completion of the consult.

Patients simply connect to their video consult via the AMS Connect mobile app, without having to access or install any other software requirements.

Practitioners connect via a unique URL copied directly from the Waiting Room in the practice management software into a Firefox browser on a laptop/PC

Phone consults would only entail the practitioner calling the patient at the booked time from a private number.

It could not be easier.

2.1 Bulk Billing Pre-Screening

To provide a complete service to your patients you would create both a Bulk Billing appointment booking option as well as Private Fee option should the patient not qualify for bulkbilling.

For bulk billing you would want to pre-screen the patient; as described in 1.2 above the questions are completely configurable via your dashboard allowing you to keep abreast of changes to Medicare requirements.

Depending on the patient's answer they will either be prevented from booking and be instructed as to what to do or be allowed to proceed with the booking process as normal.

3. Patient Messaging

Use AutoMed's large text messaging to quickly and effectively reach your patients.

3.1 Appointment Reminders

Reach all your booked patients with an additional note in your appointment reminders to either ring the practice prior to arrival should they fall within the range of possible infection and/or to book a Phone or Video consult instead.

3.2 Campaigns

Rather than create uncertainty and panic, a well-considered message to your active base will inform your patients of what processes you have in place and how you are able to assist them.

4. Checking in Via an AutoMed Kiosk

Minimise patient contact for your for front desk staff and advise at risk patients to exit the building.

5. Checking out via an AutoMed Billing Kiosk

Minimise the handling of payments and receipts for your front desk staff with AutoMed's integrated billing kiosks.

6. Online Repeat Scripts and Referrals With or Without Payment

Provide your patients with the convenience of requesting their scripts and referrals online without having to make unnecessary visits to the practice, whilst ensuring your fees are covered.

AutoMed's online repeat script and online repeat referral services provide a streamlined process for patients to request their repeat scripts or referrals online, select their delivery preference and pre-authorise their payment all with automated messaging to keep them informed and significantly reduce processing required by reception.

Payments are processed on approved requests only and AutoMed automatically creates an invoice, allocates the payment in your practice management software, and emails the receipt to the patient.

7. What to do next:

As a practice you can decide which of these services would be of value to you.

We ask that you please email should you wish to implement any of the features in this document or have any questions relating to them.

We will prioritise requests from our existing practices and queue new practice installations as our resources allow.

For all other queries, requests, production and training please only email so that the appropriate resource can attend to it.

Best regards,

AutoMed Systems

Your Complete Reception Solution