Royal Park Medical

Consultations at our usual location have resumed (243 Flemington Road)

In-person appointments have resumed, but if you prefer you can book online for a video or telephone consultation. Telehealth eligibility criteria apply in order to receive Medicare rebates.

According to Medicare, to qualify for a rebate for a telehealth consult, you MUST have visited us for a face-to-face appointment in the last 12 months, except if:

- You have a confirmed COVID-19 infection
- You are currently homeless
- You are aged under 12 months
- Your consultation relates to specific sexual and reproductive health, nicotine/smoking cessation, or blood-borne virus issues
- Your consultation relates to specific mental health items
- Your consultation relates to non-directive pregnancy support counselling

We are a private billing practice and fees are payable on the day for in-person, phone and video consults. Visit: for details..

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