MedicFirst Medical & Dental Centre

14&15/15 Kenswick St, Inside Tribeca Village

Point Cook 3030

03 7018 7477

MedicFirst is Saltwater Coast’s Premier Medical & Dental Centre. MedicFirst aims to provide high quality care to all patients in a friendly and welcoming environment.

PLEASE NOTE: From 21 September 2023 - All appointments for concession card holders and children under 16 will be bulk billed even after 4pm and Saturdays.
For regular Medicare card holders, an out of pocket fee of $20 will be required for appointments after 3:50pm on weekdays and all appointments on Saturdays.

Appointments between 8am-3:50pm Weekdays will be Bulk Billed.

Cancellation or non-attendance within 2 hours of booked appointment will result in a $40 cancellation fee.

For a detailed fees list, please Click Here

MedicFirst Medical Centre