Just as medical software replaced paper files and outdated management processes, AutoMed Systems represents the next major step in revolutionising practice management

We are bringing patient care, administration and reception functions into the digital age. This is not just a technological tool, but a holistic approach to improving the experience of health care.

Founded by Dr Peter Demaio, AutoMed Systems was informed by over 40 years experience running a practice in Australia. Dr Demaio’s practice services over 3,700 patients per week and employ 29 General Practitioners and 3 reception staff.

The AutoMed System was established as a response to the specific challenges faced by practice managers in Australia: a federal government rebate freeze and building pressure on staff and patients alike. Integral to our ethos is a deep understanding of how patients, doctors and staff can improve their interaction, efficiency and communication.


Who does the Automed System integrate with?

The AutoMed solution is fully integrated with Best Practice and Medical Director practice management software. In addition, AutoMed has direct integration with Medicare, Tyro and the 4 major banks.

Does the system handle patient payments?

AutoMed offers patient claims via either Tyro or a real-time claim paid directly to their nominated bank account registered with Medicare (PCI).

Is Automed Systems RACGP approved?

Automed systems has been designed in accordance in RACGP guidelines and has undergone a review by AGPAL to ensure that your accreditation is not compromised.

Why do I need to spend $13,000 per annum for the system?

The AutoMed system improves the efficiency of phone appointments, online appointments, patient arrivals, verifying patient data and registration, it has the ability to handle new and existing patients, take payments, process MediCare claims and book follow-up appointments. These functions require an efficient staff member at an average cost of $70,000pa. The figures speak for themselves.

Why choose an Automed kiosk over others available on the market?

AutoMed is Australian designed and patented, for Australian practices, delivering efficiency and cost saving in the whole range of reception services. The comprehensive system is managed by a single point of contact – one product for many solutions.

How We Compare

AutoMed Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5
Caller ID Allows reception to identify a caller by their phone number, whether a mobile or home
Allows error free entry of the patients name into the appointment book efficiently, bypassing difficult  names, accents, poor reception etc.
Allows the entry of the phone number into the patient file if it is not registered on the PMS
Online appointments Real time access to appointment book
Supports both new and existing patients
Sends SMS key to new patient to verify mobile number
Allows patients to make, change or cancel appointments in real time up to 1 year ahead
*Allows a patient to find the first available appointment closest to him / her
*Clinic can configure patient and appointment types
Clinic can capture and maintain doctor’s bio including a photo  
Check In / Arrival Allows patients (with & without appointments) to self arrive within 3 seconds  
Allows patients to make payments  
Allows patients to make future appointments  
Automatically updates new medicare numbers  
Validates and requests patient to capture mobile number  
Caters for walk ins for same day appointments  
Privacy screen to block the view from other patients  
Concierge functionality / service  
Validations which are unique to our system Validates Health Care Card expiry and confirms if patient has a health care card
Checks outstanding invoices and requests payment
Validates medicare expiry date
Compares arrival time to configurable late arrival parameter
Displays  personal and address detail and requests patient to confirm
Blocks multiple appointments – patient can only make 1 future appointment
Calculates and displays estimated waiting time and doctor room number
Identifies the last doctor seen by the patient to allow for more efficient recall
Integrates with the Automed vault system that; Creates electronic referrals for pathology and radiology  
Captures referral data on doctor’s PC and stores data in the cloud  
Allows data to be processed into the ancillary service provider’s system when patient arrives at the provider site  
Push communication to patient to help with appointment bookings  
Push educational content to the patient  
Informs patient and doctor when results are available  
Ability to share information across multiple clinics  
Website Integration
Hardware Requirement Kiosk , iPad Software only hardware & stand & android tablet iPad, Kiosk
and touchpad
Software only Kiosk , iPad Software only
Practice Centric  
Consumer Centric  
PMS Compatibility Best Practise, Medical Director, Pracsoft Over 29 PMS systems, including Allied Health PMS Medical Director, Best Practise,
Genie, Cerner, PPMP,IMPS,IBM,
isoft, tpp, advanced, intersystems
Best Practise, Medical Director, Pracsoft, ZedMed, Genie, The Practice Best Practise, Medical Director, Zed Med, Pracsoft Best Practise, Medical Director, Pracsoft, ZedMed
Support Mobile Access  
3rd Party advertising
Fixed cost SMS reminders fees?
**Email reminders included in fees?
Billing Method  Fixed cost Per FTE or per booking  Fixed cost Per practitioner Per FTE doctor, to a capped flat monthly fee Per Doctor/Small Medium or Large Practise
Setup Charge (inc GST) $1,000 Nil  Nil Nil $165 Nil
Cost Per Month (inc GST) $1,200 From $33-$82.50 per FTE or from $5.50 per booking  $300 from $22 – $30.50, pro versions include ‘Engage’ From $55 per FTE capped @ $165 – Additional costs per module From $60 – $295
SMS costs  $85 – per month From 15c – 22c per SMS  From 12c – 22c
per SMS
13c per sms Nil From 12c – 30c per SMS
Survey Capability
Languages 100 51
Patient Call System

Standards & Compliance

Last updated 15 January 2014

The Automed System is a member of the MTAA and MSIA (pending) and is fully integrated with these software programs